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I have a custom model in a custom Magento model with a static function:

class ABC_Module_Model_ClassName
    static public function send ( $something)
         // do something static

Now I call the function like this:

ABC_Module_Model_ClassName::send($something); // works and is nothing wrong with it

More for consistency purposes, I would like to know if Mage has an internal way of calling static methods, something like this:

Mage::getModel('abc/module_className')::send($something); // this is wrong
// or 
Mage::getModel('abc/module_className', send($something)); // with a callback or something
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Given that any method like Mage::getModel() will actually return an instance of the class, you'll be calling it dynamically rather than statically. E.g you'd be doing $module->staticMethod(); instead of Module::staticMethod()..

So your best best is to

  • either put the static method as a regular function so it'll be available globally,
  • put all your static methods in one class and name the class something like Common so you won't have to type the really long name,
  • or just call it statically the way you've done in your question e.g Module::method().

In the end, the only way to call a method statically is via Class::method().

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