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string host = @"ftphost";
string username = "user";
string password = "********";
string localFileName  = System.IO.Path.GetFileName(@"localfilename");
string remoteDirectory = "/export/";
using (var sftp = new SftpClient(host, username, password))
    var files = sftp.ListDirectory(remoteDirectory);
    foreach (var file in files)
        if (!file.Name.StartsWith("."))
            string remoteFileName = file.Name;
            if (file.LastWriteTime.Date == DateTime.Today)



            string sDir = @"localpath";

            Stream file1 = File.OpenRead(remoteDirectory + file.Name);
            sftp.DownloadFile(remoteDirectory, file1);

I am using SSH.NET (Renci.SshNet) library to work with an SFTP server. What I need to do is grab files from a specific folder on the SFTP server based on today's date. Then copy those files from the SFTP server to a local drive a server of mine.

Above is the code I have but it is not working. Sometimes it says file does not exist but sometimes the files I will be downloading will not be on my local servers but I need to download whatever files were uploaded to the remote folder for that day.

Can someone take a look and see what is wrong? I believe it has something to do with the stream portion. I have worked with FTP much besides uploading files which I took some previous code I had and thought I could reverse the process but that isn't working. The code I used is based off of this example

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The second parameter of SftpClient.DownloadFile is a stream to write a downloaded contents to.

You are passing in a read stream instead of a write stream. And moreover the path you are opening read stream with is a remote path, what cannot work with File class operating on local files only.

Just discard the File.OpenRead line and use a result of previous File.OpenWrite call instead (that you are not using at all now):

Stream file1 = File.OpenWrite(localFileName);

sftp.DownloadFile(file.FullName, file1);

I'm not sure if the localFileName is supposed to hold full path, or just file name. So you may need to add a path too, if necessary (combine localFileName with sDir?)

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var file1=File.OpenWrite(localFileName); sftp.DownloadFile(file.FullName, file1); – freedomn-m Jan 4 at 16:30
@freedomn-m Thanks. Corrected. – Martin Prikryl Jan 4 at 19:21

Without you providing any specific error message, it's hard to give specific suggestions.

However, I was using the same example and was getting a permissions exception on File.OpenWrite - using the localFileName variable, because using Path.GetFile was pointing to a location that obviously would not have permissions for opening a file > C:\ProgramFiles\IIS(Express)\filename.doc

I found that using System.IO.Path.GetFileName is not correct, use System.IO.Path.GetFullPath instead, point to your file starting with "C:\..."

Also open your solution in FileExplorer and grant permissions to for the file or any folders holding the file. I was able to download my file at that point.

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