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I'm trying to understand why I'm seeing different data in two ways to display Cassandra (1.2.x) column family columns.

In the first, I use cassandra-cli to list the rows in a column family.

[cassandra-cli]> list Users columns 1;
Using default limit of 100
RowKey: [rowkey1]
=> (name=[name1], value=[value1], timestamp=[timestamp1])

The data between [] is a placeholder for the value. In reality, they are displayed as the hex representation of a byte[]. The above seems to indicate there is one row with a single column (which has a name, a value, and a timestamp).

I'm doing what I think is equivalent with the DataStax v1 API

var cluster = Cluster.Builder ()
    .AddContactPoint ("")
    .Build ();

var metadata = cluster.Metadata;
var keyspace = "keyspaceName";
var tableMetadatas = metadata.GetTables(keyspace);

foreach (var tableMetadata in tableMetadatas) {
    var session = cluster.Connect(keyspace);    

    var rowSet = session.Execute("SELECT * FROM \""+ tableMetadata + "\" ", ConsistencyLevel.One);
    CqlColumn[] columns = rowSet.Columns;

    foreach(var column in columns) {
        Console.WriteLine("Column name: " + column.Name + ", type: " + column.Type + ", keyspace: " + column.Keyspace);

    foreach (var row in rowSet.GetRows()) {
        for (int i = 0; i < row.Length; i++) {
            String value = Encoding.UTF8.GetString(row.GetValue<byte[]>(i));

This displays

Column name: key, type: System.Byte[], keyspace: keyspaceName
Column name: column1, type: System.Byte[], keyspace: keyspaceName
Column name: value, type: System.Byte[], keyspace: keyspaceName
[The string value of rowkey1]
[The string value of name1]
[The string value of value1]

This seems to indicate there are 3 columns: one with name key, where the value is the rowkey; one with name column1, where the value is the value of name1; and one with name value, where the value is the value of value1.

How should I be interpreting these discrepancies?

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When using cassandra-cli you are seeing a "Thrift-perspective" of your storage, while using the DataStax driver and cqlsh will give you the "CQL-perspective".

There was a series of posts describing how these 2 are related. I've linked to these in my answer to the Different between Thrift and CQL3 columns question on SO.

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This looks very promising. Can't check it all out now, but will get back to you. –  Sotirios Delimanolis May 17 at 4:50
Yup, that did it. Thank you. –  Sotirios Delimanolis May 19 at 21:39

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