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I use jQuery Cycle library ask my website slider. I'm add new attribute to image and I want to display those attribute on on my slide like you see jsfiddle.net but one thing the attribute get only value from the first index so I don't what wrong with it. I think I got some problem on the for loop but I have no idea with it.

<div id="cycle" class="cycle-slideshow">
    <img class="sub-slider" src="http://goo.gl/6DnS2y" data-title="we shape" data-article="your investment" alt="we shape your investment">
    <img class="sub-slider" src="http://goo.gl/ZumK8F" data-title="beyond" data-article="investment opportunity">
    <img class="sub-slider" src="http://goo.gl/6DnS2y" data-title="united for" data-article="competitiveness & power">
    <img class="sub-slider" src="http://goo.gl/ZumK8F" data-title="we are" data-article="part of a solution">
<div class="caption-wrapper">
    <div class="caption" id="caption">
        <div class="title"></div>
        <div class="article"></div>

and here my slide config script

    fx: 'scrollHorz',
    speed: 600,
    timeout: 2000,
    prev: '#prev',
    next: '#next',
    pause: 'true',
    after: function () {
        imageSlide = $("img.sub-slider");
        for (var i = 0; i <= imageSlide.length; i++) {
            Title = $("img.sub-slider").eq(i).attr('data-title');
            Article = $("img.sub-slider").eq(i).attr('data-article');
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