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I am trying to use roxygen2 to make documentation for a reference class object, but I keep getting this warning when I run R CMD check:

  S4 class codoc mismatches from documentation object 'myRefClass-class':
  Slots for class 'myRefClass'
  Code: .xData
  Inherited: .xData
  Docs: field1 field2

This is the ref class and roxygen2 block associated with above warning:

#' @title myRefClass class
#' @description Description of myRefClass
#' @import methods
#' @exportClass myRefClass
#' @slot field1 A character slot
#' @slot field2 A numeric slot

Here is the R documentation that was generated:

myRefClass-class {testPackaging} R Documentation myRefClass class


Description of myRefClass


field1 A character slot

field2 A numeric slot

As to the documentation I could find, codoc is testing for consistency between my code and the documentation. From what I can tell, all the slot names are the same; perhaps I'm missing something. Not sure if the documentation should have automatically marked this as a reference class, or if I should have indicated that in some way? I've found R documentation indicating that the slot, ".xData, is used to enable inheritance from abnormal types", but I am not sure why it applies to what I'm doing here or if I should be doing something with it.

I have tried a number of permutations of the roxygen tags and keeping close to the structure found here seems to be giving me the best result/least warnings from R CMD check: Roxygen2 - how to @export reference class generator? I've been looking around the net for examples of how roxygen2 should be used with reference classes; maybe I'm looking in the wrong places -- I haven't had much luck.

I am using roxygen2 v 3.1.0 / RStudio Version 0.98.501 / R version 3.0.3 / OSX 10.9.2 (note: tried upgrading to roxygen2 v 4.0 and it completely choked on the reference class to the point that no documentation was being generated at all)

If some one knows of a CRAN package using roxygen2 and reference classes, so that I might see how it's done properly, or if some one knows what it is that I'm doing wrong, the help would be much appreciated. I am new at package building in R.

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I dont use @slots when documenting reference classes. I just use @section Fields:. I have seen on for example github.com/klutometis/roxygen/issues/168 progress on documenting RC's but I'm not brave enough to change what is currently functioning ;) –  jdharrison May 17 at 9:27
Awesome! That worked. Thanks @jdharrison . If you want to submit that as an answer, I'd like to mark it as the accepted solution. –  samhiggins2001 May 17 at 20:03

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I normally use an @section Fields so in this case:

#' @title myRefClass class
#' @description Description of myRefClass
#' @import methods
#' @exportClass myRefClass
#' @section Fields:
#' \describe{
#' \item{\code{field1}:}{Object of class \code{"character"}, field1 description here}
#' \item{\code{field2}:}{Object of class \code{"numeric"}, field2 description here}
#' }


UPDATE: using roxygen2 4.0.1

#' A Reference Class to represent test1.
#' @name test1
#' @import methods
#' @exportClass myRefClass
#' @field field1 A character vector
#' @field field2 A numeric vector



A Reference Class to represent test1.

A Reference Class to represent test1.


    A character vector

    A numeric vector
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Or just @fields, new in roxygen2 4.0.1 –  hadley May 22 at 2:09
thanks for the update @hadley, I found I had to use @field rather then @fields thou? –  jdharrison May 22 at 5:05
Oh yeah, sorry for the typo. –  hadley May 22 at 11:29
@hadley 4.0.1 seems great for references classes I just need to move my packages to @field and docstrings for methods now gulp.... –  jdharrison May 22 at 11:51
what is @name for? –  qed Sep 1 at 21:02

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