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I've a NSMutableArray with four Objects and each object have two strings in them. I created a custom View in xib file and a class to initialize all the elements in it. And then created an NSObject class with strings of what I need. I am getting my data from a JSON Response, I was able to store my data in the NSObject and then add it to a Mutable Array. What I want to do with the array is display it in a ScrollView like a Carousel manner. But my code reads that the Array has FOUR Objects and it creates 4 screens for it, but would always only display the data on the First page of the scrollview the data it displays is the last data in the Mutable array ---My code is below

-(void)updateUI:(NSMutableArray *)array {

    array = carouselArray;

    CGFloat contentOffset = 0.0f;
    for (NSObject *dis in array) {
        CGRect frame = CGRectMake(contentOffset, 0.0f, responseScroll.frame.size.width, responseScroll.frame.size.height);
        cview = [[CaroView alloc] initWithFrame:frame];
        cview.name.text = [dis valueForKey:@"name"];
        cview.address.text = [dis valueForKey:@"address"];
        [responseScroll addSubview:cview];

        contentOffset += cview.frame.size.width;
        responseScroll.contentSize = CGSizeMake(contentOffset, cview.frame.size.height);
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I don't understand the question - it looks like you stopped midway through the last sentence - "only display data on the -". In your code, you're reassigning the array parameter straight away, that looks wrong. –  jrturton May 17 at 7:18
Edited @jrturton and the data it displays is the last data in the Mutable array –  Sandspy May 17 at 7:28
array = carouselArray why is this line here? This means that the array you pass in is replaced with another, which by the sound of it only has one item in it? –  jrturton May 17 at 7:33
It's still the same thing, I just used the mutablearray that contains the object directly itself just now and same result @jrturton –  Sandspy May 17 at 8:58

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