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I have deployed jasperserver with my web application in the environment like Clustered two Tomcat sharing same database in Microsoft Azure Load Balanced Virtual Machines. But the problem is jasperserver strictly requires session affinity which is not possible in Microsoft Azure Load Balanced Virtual Machines.

1) If you have any other solution/suggestion which is suitable for my environment, please guide me.

2) Which one is best suitable for my environment and why ? on comparing Azure load balanced Virtual Machines and Apache httpd load balancing.

Environment : 1) Jasperserver 5.5 Commercial edition with session replication. 2) Two apache-tomcat-6.0.36 clustered instance sharing same database (Mysql 5.5). 3) Linux Machine - Ubuntu 13.10 Server in Azure load balanced Virtual Machines.

Thanks in advance for reading and answering my question. Every comment/idea is highly appreciated.

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Look at publishing a VM using the new (in preview) reserved public IP which avoids the cloud service / load balancing setup. This VM could run your own custom load balancing setup that would allow session affinity (Kemp also offer their load balancer in azure - http://kemptechnologies.com/au/solutions/loadmaster-azure). You could create a couple of these VMs and then use Azure Traffic Manager to front-end the setup.

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Hi Simon, Thanks for your suggestion and I need some analysis/googling and get back to you soon...because I am not have experience in the networking side, so if you gave me detailed explanation, It'll be really helpful. –  Loganathan May 17 '14 at 9:25
Hi, Thanks Simon, I have configured with Kemp and it is working fine. But only one option (Source IP - Session Persistence) in the session persistence. –  Loganathan May 19 '14 at 15:44

Please tell what are the steps needs to be follow for Kemp Load balancer which replaces Azure load balancing. Thanks, Vasanth N

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Hi Vasanth, Follow the steps in the link : kemptechnologies.com/files/downloads/documentation/7.0/…. –  Loganathan May 19 '14 at 15:48

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