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I'm using URL based localization logic in my MVC app. so, default route would be mysite/someControler, and localized route would be mysite/en-US/someControler.

"en-US" is value for "culture" parameter which has default value.

I'm wondering what is there any generic way to switch between cultures, and keep all the url route values and parameters?


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I do something simple:
In my base controller (all other controllers inherits from it) I set the following ViewData bits:

    If Request.Path.Contains("/en/") Then
        ViewData("PathEs") = Request.Path.Replace("/en/", "/es/")
        ViewData("PathPt") = Request.Path.Replace("/en/", "/pt/")
    ElseIf Request.Path.Contains("/pt/") Then
        ViewData("PathEn") = Request.Path.Replace("/pt/", "/en/")
        ViewData("PathEs") = Request.Path.Replace("/pt/", "/es/")
        ViewData("PathEn") = Request.Path.Replace("/es/", "/en/")
        ViewData("PathPt") = Request.Path.Replace("/es/", "/pt/")
    End If

And then in the Master Page

 <div id="langbar">
    <% if not string.isnullorempty(ViewData("PathEs")) then %>
       <a href="<%= ViewData("PathEs") %>">Español</a>
    <% end  if %>
    <% if not string.isnullorempty(ViewData("PathEn")) then %>
       <a href="<%= ViewData("PathEn") %>">English</a>
    <% end  if %>
    <% if not string.isnullorempty(ViewData("PathPt")) then %>
       <a href="<%= ViewData("PathPt") %>">Portugues</a>
    <% end  if %>

Not too smart, but get the job done well if your are dealing with few langs (you sure can optimize both rutines)

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