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I need to do one serup application with couple of dll's: In the pas-script do used compinstkey.dll which call the aspr_ide.dll. I did in the iss-script:

Source: aspr_ide.dll; DestDir: {app};Flags: ignoreversion
Source: CompInstKey.dll; DestDir: {app}; Flags: ignoreversion
function GetRegistrationKeys: PAnsiChar;
external 'GetRegistrationKeys@files:aspr_ide.dll stdcall';

procedure Installinfo(ApplicationName, Version, UserName, Key: PAnsiChar);
  external 'Installinfo@files:CompInstKey.dll stdcall';
function InitializeSetup: Boolean;

 Result := False;

in the Windows XP it work fine, but Windows7 do throw the error "Cannot import dll: C:...\Temp\tp.GHPtmp\aspr_ide.dll". At the pause of installation the aspr_ide.dll in this moment exist at the "C:...\Temp\tp.GHPtmp\".

What do I wrong? Why dont run under Windows 7? How can I correct it?

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You should use the delayload keyword on your function declarations like:

function GetRegistrationKeys: PAnsiChar;
external 'GetRegistrationKeys@files:aspr_ide.dll stdcall delayload';

procedure Installinfo(ApplicationName, Version, UserName, Key: PAnsiChar);
  external 'Installinfo@files:CompInstKey.dll stdcall delayload';

The delayload causes the setup to only load the DLL when it is called rather than at startup as documented at http://www.jrsoftware.org/ishelp/index.php?topic=scriptdll.

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