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I've been trying for a few days to use the kAudioUnitSubType_MatrixMixer on iOS.

For testing purposes I tried to port the MatrixMixerTest sample code from MacOSX. But I don't have any sound (there is no error reported).

here is what I do :

  • Create AUGraph
  • Add RemoteIO Node to graph
  • Add MatrixMixer Node to graph
  • Connect MatrixMixer to RemoteIO.
  • Open AUGraph
  • Getting the Mixer AudioUnit from MatrixMixer Node
  • Setting 2 Input Bus to Mixer AudioUnit
  • Setting 1 Output Bus to Mixer AudioUnit
  • Setting Rendering Callback to both Inputs
  • Setting Correct StreamFormat to each input bus
  • Setting Correct StreamFormat to output bus
  • AuGraph Initialize
  • Setting All volumes of the matrixmixer to 1.0

And when I start the graph no sound, and no error. And when I show the matrix Mixer with PrintMatrixMixerVolumes (from Core Audio Utility by Apple) everything looks normal.

One of my question is : Is the AUMatrixMixer really works on iOS ? And the other is : Is there something specific to do with this Audio Unit ?

Thank You

EDIT : When I print the matrix it shows :

Input Channels = 4, Output Channels = 2 Input Elements: 0:[2, T] 1:[2, T]
Output Elements: 0:[2, T]
Global Volume: 1.000 1.000 (1.000) (1.000) 1.000 (1.000) (1.000) 1.000 (1.000) (1.000) 1.000 (1.000) (1.000) 1.000 1.000

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Did you set the crosspoint gains? –  sbooth May 17 at 12:43
Yes. See edit for what it prints :) –  Aymarick May 17 at 13:16

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