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How to write below inner join query using in-memory database such as H2 db.

select * from emp e inner join other_db.dept d on

emp table is created in db1 database and dept table is created in other_db database.

Problem with in-memory db is that database name is not associated with data-source. So, we cannot use other_db.dept in the query.

As suggested by Thomas Mueller, please find below code written in Java and Spring framework with LINKED TABLE

Spring configuration file:

<jdbc:embedded-database id="db1DataSource" type="H2">
    <jdbc:script location="classpath:schema-db1.sql" />

<jdbc:embedded-database id="otherdbDataSource" type="H2">
    <jdbc:script location="classpath:schema-other.sql" />



CREATE TABLE emp ( id int NOT NULL, name varchar(30) NOT NULL)

CREATE LINKED TABLE other_db ('org.h2.Driver', 'jdbc:h2:mem:test', 'sa', '', 'dept')



CREATE TABLE dept ( id int NOT NULL, name varchar(20) NOT NULL, eid int NOT NULL)

Now, can I write below query:

select * from emp e inner join other_db.dept d on

Infact, I am getting below exception on running the code:

Table dept not found
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Run each one separately and join them afterwards with application code. The details depend on the programming language. – Dan Bracuk May 17 '14 at 12:32
yes I am doing that temporarily. I am using H2 in-memory database for unit testing. splitting the query in two parts to make it testable is not good approach. – Vikas Sharma May 17 '14 at 12:51
@Vikas Sharma - in your updated question you have only one datatabase URL (jdbc:h2:mem:test). What is the other database URL? – Thomas Mueller May 22 '14 at 9:28
Can you please help me with the changes need to do in the above Spring configuration to create 2 in-memory H2 databases – Vikas Sharma May 23 '14 at 11:29

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H2 supports Linked Tables to access tables in another database. If you create a linked table first, you can then use it as you did in the query in your question. It doesn't matter if the source and / or target database is in-memory or not.

The table name is case sensitive in the same way as database metadata identifiers, so if you create a table like this in H2: CREATE TABLE dept, then the linked table needs to be uppercase:

('org.h2.Driver', 'jdbc:h2:mem:test', 'sa', '', 'DEPT')
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With Linked tables, we cannot write query like: select * from emp e inner join other_db.dept d on With Linked tables, we can create link of other_db.dept and write query like: select * from emp e inner join dept d on I am using H2 in-memory database for writing unit tests. And, using SQL Server on actual production code that does not support Linked tables. – Vikas Sharma May 20 '14 at 16:01
If you put the linked table in a schema called other_db, you can write the query as select * from emp e inner join other_db.dept d on – Thomas Mueller May 21 '14 at 5:37
I might be missing some point. I have updated the question with code written using LINKED table. – Vikas Sharma May 21 '14 at 9:03

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