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I need help getting ghost.py to be recognised by ipython notebook which i run from c/python27/scripts

I also installed pyQt4 via a binary from chris gohlke but which also isn't being recognised by my ipython installation under windows.

i downloaded zip from github extracted to a folder inside c/python27/scripts directory and installed it via command prompt

python install setup.py

but when I import ghost and try and use it my Ipython it is not recognised.

update: pyQt4 is not being recognised even though it's installed under c/python27/lib/site-pacakges, and the path is in the variable name

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How did you install IPython? It might be installed in a different copy of Python on your system. –  Thomas K May 18 at 20:50
I installed it via the exe I downloaded? how can I tell if it's a different instance of python, I have 2.7 and 3.3 I believe. How do I know which instance? –  yoshiserry May 18 at 21:17
how do you see a list of installed libraries? and the paths they are installed to? Kind of like a windows/ add remove programs dialogue box but for python instances and libraries? –  yoshiserry May 18 at 21:19
In IPython, do import sys; sys.__version__ to see which version of Python IPython is running on, and import IPython; IPython to see where it's installed. To see all installed modules, you can try doing help('modules'), but it doesn't work very reliably. –  Thomas K May 18 at 21:23
so python has no way of determining what third party libraries are installed? –  yoshiserry May 18 at 21:25

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