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i am trying to execute a command xcopy path1 path2 /Y /C and it is getting executed successfully when i tried from command line and also when i copied it to a batch file and double clicking on that batch file.

But it is not getting executed when i cal this batch file from another fail.

Could anyone please help here?

Not working case:

C:\abcd>cmd.exe /C "xcopy "C:\folder1\itsme.bat" "Y:\" /C /Y /Z" 
0 File(s) copied

Working case:

C:\abcd>cmd.exe /C "xcopy "C:\folder1\itsme.bat" "Y:\" /C /Y /Z"
1 File(s) copied

Extra Info:


call C:\folder1\copy.bat
call C:\folder1\clean.bat


@echo off
xcopy "C:\folder1\runrun.bat" "Z:\" /C /Y /Z /Q
xcopy "C:\folder1\runrun.bat" "Y:\" /C /Y /Z /Q
xcopy "C:\folder1\runrun.bat" "X:\" /C /Y /Z /Q

Here, If I double click on Runme.bat, copy.bat is getting executed and copying all the files. 1 File(s) copied 1 File(s) copied 1 File(s) copied

But issue is, it is not copying anything when i try to run the same batch file from windows scheduler. Output: 0 File(s) copied 0 File(s) copied 0 File(s) copied

looks like issue is only with copy command in the second batch file, which will return output. But all the commands in the other batch file clean.bat (which i am calling from the first batch file) are getting executed without any issues. second batch file has simple echo commands, so that is why it is working fine.

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The command cmd is for running a new instance of the command line interpreter and need to be used usually only for opening a command prompt window. Execute in a command prompt window cmd /? to get help about this command.

The command cmd does not need to be used usually if a command prompt window is opened already and a command is entered. A batch file is interpreted by cmd and therefore it does not make sense to use cmd in a batch file.

So use only xcopy "C:\folder1\itsme.bat" "Y:\" /C /Y /Z in already opened command prompt window and in the batch file.

To run another batch file (batch file 2) from within a batch file (batch file 1) and halt the execution of batch file 1 until the called batch file 2 has finished, use in batch file 1 the command call.

Example for batch file 1:

@echo off
echo This is batch 1 calling now batch 2 and is waiting until it finished.
call "batch file 2.bat"
echo Batch 1 continues.

Example for batch file 2:

echo This is batch 2 running XCOPY.
xcopy "C:\folder1\itsme.bat" "Y:\" /C /Y /Z
echo XCOPY finished, batch 2 terminates.

Run batch file 1 and you get the output:

This is batch 1 calling now batch 2 and is waiting until it finished.
This is batch 2 running XCOPY.
XCOPY finished, batch 2 terminates.
Batch 1 continues.

Remove command call in batch file 1, execute it again and look what you get now.

This time batch file 1 starts batch file 2 instead of calling it which results in immediate continuation of batch file 1 and batch file 2 is executed parallel (more or less depending on number of CPU cores and disk usage).

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From your extra information it may be that x: y: z: are network drives and task scheduler doesn't have network privileges under the system account.

Also, change the name of copy.bat because copy is a system command and using system command names will bite you one day, if not today.

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So which account should I use here? –  Nani May 18 '14 at 9:33
Your own, or any account which has network access. –  foxidrive May 18 '14 at 9:35

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