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I have Watin.Core.teaxfield my date = x.textfield(find.byid("whatever")) My date.value=2014-06-06"....this will set the value My question is how can I select the value from a label or combo box that is is my windows form .thanks

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For a combobox, you can select a value using something such as:

SelectList selectList = browser.SelectList(Find.ById("some_id"));

To get a label value:

string value = browser.Label(Find.ById("some_id").Text;
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Thanks,but the combo box or label value are in my windows form, I need to pass the value that I either select or write so it can find the same value in the website. This website uses a lot of js – user2669905 May 17 '14 at 17:08
It if the website were reg HTML I could do it but this one use a lot of dynamic content. I am trying to set the value at their end by selecting one from my windowsform – user2669905 May 17 '14 at 17:12

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