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in mainpage.xaml.cs (login page) I am setting up a session variable using isolted storage

private IsolatedStorageSettings app = IsolatedStorageSettings.SiteSettings;
app["LoginId"] = txtUname.Text;

how can I get that "LoginId" in the next page.

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Welcome to SO, please take a few minutes to read the FAQ and the Markdown documentation (a useful synposis of which is available in the right hand margin when editing a question). – AnthonyWJones Mar 6 '10 at 17:24

Have you tried:-

private IsolatedStorageSettings app = IsolatedStorageSettings.SiteSettings;
string loginId = app["LoginId"];


That should work fine.

Note that if you are delivering your app entirely in Silverlight then you should consider using Silverlight's navigation framework so that you are not actually re-loading various Xaps as you navigate.

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