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I am displaying a map via Leaflet with R using the package rCharts:
I added some polygons to the map and I want to get some information by clicking on them. So far I managed to get a Popup window to display the features name. I would also like to display some values from R variables, but I dont really know how to pass them over/include them to the JavaScript statement (See code.)

map <- Leaflet$new()
    onEachFeature = "#! function(feature, layer){
    layer.bindPopup('<b>Name:</b>' + feature.properties.NAME + '<br> <b>Precipitation:</b> INSERT R VARIABLE HERE')
    } !#")
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var R = map <- Is this code you look for today ??' –  adeneo May 17 '14 at 18:50
instead of "INSERT R VARIABLE HERE" i would like to insert a r variable. I.e. x <- 123 onEachFeature = "#! function(feature, layer){ layer.bindPopup('<b>Name:</b>' + feature.properties.NAME + '<br> <b>Precipitation:</b> "x"') } !#") but that does not work –  maRtin May 17 '14 at 18:52

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I don't see why you can't just paste in the value to that character string. For example

map <- Leaflet$new()
onEachFeature = paste("#! function(feature, layer){",
    "layer.bindPopup('<b>Name:</b>' + feature.properties.NAME + '<br> ",
    "<b>Precipitation:</b>", varibaleName, "')} !#", sep="")
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