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I'm trying to add a "Read More" jumpbreak with images to my Blogger blog (http://un-francais-a-new-york.blogspot.com/).

I added 2 pieces of code as described here:


It worked just fine. The result is wonderful. Except that I'd like the first post to be shown in full (i.e. without the Read More link).

Anyone can help? Thanks so much!

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In your <head> tag, include the following javascript:

<script type='text/javascript'> 
    var firstPost = true;

Now in the code you have placed below <data:post.body/>, update it to

<script type='text/javascript'> 
   if(!firstPost) {
   firstPost = false;
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Thanks so much. It works well except for one thing: –  user3043850 May 19 at 0:45
When I scroll down to the bottom of the first page and more post are automatically loaded, those posts don't have a thumnail/snippet anymore. See here: un-francais-a-new-york.blogspot.com –  user3043850 May 19 at 0:46
Do you know how I could fix that? –  user3043850 May 19 at 0:48
This code applies to all pages. I'd like only the first post of the homepage to appear in full. Every other post should appear with the jumplink, ideally.. Does anyone know how to do that? Thanks! –  user3043850 May 20 at 2:46
When the page refreshes the js variable is lost.. So you need to put another condition using b:if condition to run only in home page –  mohamedrias May 20 at 2:49

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