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If my solr documents has a

<field name="timestamp" type="solr.TrieDateField" indexed="true" stored="true"  required="true" multiValued="false"/>

how can i query for the most recent document?

Only way I've discovered so far is to sort by descending date and limit rows to 1 but that has some limitations when i want something like get the most recent version of documents with id 1,2,3,4

something similar to this Get records with highest/smallest <whatever> per group

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Shouldn`t you begin with sorting by descending date ? –  n0tting May 18 at 11:34
Sorry you're right must've not been thinking when i wrote the question, I've updated the question. –  AgentRegEdit May 18 at 22:16

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I seem to have gotten the results im looking for by using a solr group query

  group=true&group.field=groupId&group.sort=timestamp desc
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