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In my gulp build I've made a task that runs after all compiling, uglifying and minification has occurred. This task simply copies everything from the src into the dest directory that hasn't been touched/processed by earlier tasks. The little issue I'm having is that this results in empty directories in the dest directory.

Is there a way to tell the gulp.src glob to only include files in the pattern matching (like providing the 'is_file' flag)?


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Fixed it by adding a filter to the pipeline:

var es = require('event-stream');

var onlyDirs = function(es) {
  return, cb) {
      if (file.stat.isFile()) {
        return cb(null, file);
      } else {
        return cb();
// ...

var s = gulp.src(globs)
        .pipe(gulp.dest(folders.dest + '/' + module.folder));

// ...
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Where did folders.dest + '/' + module.folder come from? Where are the vars for them? –  Nick Jun 2 '14 at 12:44
nvm got it working thank you! –  Nick Jun 2 '14 at 13:13

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