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I would like to create a sent mail web form to sent email to my customer. Form fields will be as follows-

  1. Receiver Email
  2. Company Name and
  3. Signature

Sender Email: info@example.com

Every time I will send email from info@example.com. I know that when I sent an email from horde, squirrelmail or roundcube, each sent email stored as sent mail items.

Now, my question is- Can I store my emails in Sent Mail if I use PHP mail function if I use web form?

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No it won't. This is strictly up to the mail client to save a copy in the Sent Mail folder. The default php mail function won't do that. You could look into some of the existing imap function to try to replicate that behaviour (php.net/manual/en/book.imap.php) –  Ben May 18 at 8:37
It's probably just as easy to cc (or bcc) yourself if all you want is to keep a copy for yourself –  Ben May 18 at 8:37
Whoever downvoted this, try to actually read the question before firing your guns –  Ben May 18 at 8:38
@Ben, I am able to store one copy in inbox. Are there any possibility to store as sent mail items? –  Khan May 18 at 8:39
you should look at imap_append (us.php.net/manual/en/function.imap-append.php) and use it to save a copy of the email, separately from sending it with mail –  Ben May 19 at 1:01

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