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I have a table of 3 columns:

  • AuthorID (id can be repeated)
  • JournalName (name can be repeated)
  • AuthorScore

I need a query that gets JournalName and the count of all authors having their maximum score in this journal.

Thank you in advance.

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Is there any combination of columns that is unique? e.g. Journal Name can repeat, but not for the same author? – Jacob G Mar 3 '10 at 14:56
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    COUNT(*) as maxscorecount
    foo inner join
                MAX(authorscore) as maxscore
            group by
        ) maxauthorscores
    on foo.AuthorId = maxauthorscores.AuthorId 
    and foo.AuthorScore = maxauthorscores.maxscore
    ) maxscorejournalinstances
group by

Note that if an author has the same high score in two or more journals, each of those journals will be included in the resultset.

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Ian would this work? You nested query appears to return only the journalname... – Andrew Mar 3 '10 at 15:09
It works. The question asks for JournalName and Count of Authors with Max Score in that Journal. – Jacob G Mar 3 '10 at 15:15
SELECT AuthorID, MAX(AuthorScore) as AuthorScore, 
        SELECT JournalName 
        FROM tab t2 
        WHERE t1.AuthorID = t2.AuthorID AND t2.AuthorScore = MAX(t1.AuthorScore)
    ) as JournalName
FROM tab t1
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   x.journalname, count(x.authorid)
from tableX x
inner join

select authorid, max(authorscore) max_authorscore
from tableX
group by authorid
) tmp on x.authorid=tmp.authorid and x.authorscore=tmp.max_authorscore
group by journalname
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Something like this may work.

select authorid, journalname, authorscore, max(authorscore) over(parition by authorid)
from <table>
order by journalname

Doing some research on sql olap function should point you in the right direction if this doesn't work.

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Sounds like you need 2 queries as the data returned can not be returned in one record set where the data layout is simple to see.

The count of authors per journal,

select JournalName, count(distinct AuthorID) 
from table
group by JournalName

The author's max score per journal,

select JournalName, AuthorID, max(AuthorScore)
from table
group by JournalName, AuthorID
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