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how can i show html tags like this

html.actionlinlk("<b>bla bla</b>", null)

it dislay bla bla not bold bla bla-is it possible to show bold text?

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Yey! i think maybe some user does not want to respond your question. –  cem Mar 3 '10 at 15:19

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I strongly agree with Darin Dimitrov. You should not store html in your db. But you can solve this problem anyway. Ether you use Url.Action and write the <a /> tag your self. Like this:

<a href="<%=Url.Action("action", "controller")%>">Text</a>

Or you will have to build your own html extension for actionlink as the default one (correctly) html encodes the value you put in.

I would suggest the first one as I think you should write the html your self instead of using a helper. It's not hard to write a <a /> tag.

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I think your looking for:

<b><%= Html.ActionLink("bla bla", null) %></b>


Ah ok I see what you are looking for. Well the first parameter of the ActionLink extension method is the link text (of the anchor element). As far as I am aware it should support HTML tags.


<a href="http://stackoverflow.com">stack<b>overflow</b></a> gives you stackoverflow

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emmmm, <b> was only for example, i have different html tags , they comes from database –  kusanagi Mar 3 '10 at 15:15

Databases are for storing data. HTML is markup. Don't store HTML inside a database. As you've mixed data and markup you will now need to extract the data (bla bla) from the markup and formatting (<b>). There are tools allowing you to parse HTML such as HTML Agility Pack. You could always try parsing it with a regular expression but as you may see this is not recommended.

So my suggestion is to modify your design and separate markup from real data.

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My solution about this problem was to create an extension method. You can read the (short) full story here.

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