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I am heavily using Sublime SFTP's "Monitor file (upload on external save)" feature in combination with CodeKit for a "semi-local" developing workflow (files and git are local, but everything is ran remotely).

Each time CodeKit compiles a file, Sublime SFTP uploads the output to the development web server.

But Sublime SFTP keeps forgetting it's monitoring tasks, it's not very reliable.

Is there another tool that simply watches a file and uploads it on change? Can be command line too.

PS I've been to http://css-tricks.com/deployment/ - there is a Grunt Add-On that would do this. But as I'm using CodeKit, I guess that's not suitable.

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Maybe a hook in codekit could be set up - css-tricks.com/codekit-2-0 to scp the file(s) –  Urs May 18 at 14:46
Although partially referring to mac only software, i have not posted this on AskDifferent, as the tags are only available here –  Urs May 18 at 14:56

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Got it.

Having set up ssh set up with ssh-copy-id, registering a Hook in CodeKit to call scp works.

enter image description here

scp ~/mylocalprojects/path/to/main.css user@server.com:/home/user/public_html/path/to/main.css


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It should work, but it's not really robust. Now tampering with gulp-sftp for the same purpose –  Urs Oct 16 at 9:56

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