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I am trying so sniff a multi-part POST request using Wireshark. When viewing the capture I can select "Reassembled TCP" which looks to contain the header and all the data in the transmission. However I can't seem to select the entire thing to save it. If I go back to the frame view i can select the frame, which usually selects the entire transmission, but it will only end up saving the post data.

How can I save the entire Reassembled TCP?

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Use the "Follow TCP stream" option:

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Ok, really simple one. There is a heading after "Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)" and "Hypertext Transfer Protocol" called "[Reassembled TCP Segments]" Selecting that allows you to save the Reassembled TCP Segments. Note to self to widen my focus a little.

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Works for HTTP, DICOM or SMB streams only but there is a "Export Objects" option now.

You can access it from File -> Export Objects -> HTTP.

The "Export Objects" dialog box

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