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I recently had a look at the awesome Blue Ridge Javascript testing framework to test javascript on my rails app. But i was wondering if anyone knew how to test the javascript view files in rails?

The Blue Ridge framework(as far as i could understand) lets you test only the javascript files. But I wanted to test my "js.erb" files which also manipulate the DOM.

Anyone has any insights?



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What I do is to use a slightly modified version of these two functions I googled, save_fixture and html_for, to save view fixtures, which I load into the tests. To test ajax responses, you can save a response fixture and then load both the view and response fixtures into your test.

I don't use Blue Ridge, I use jasmine/jasmine-jquery. So I don't know if it has a loadFixtures() feature, which loads a file for test, but that's the pattern.

Best regards,

-- J. Fernandes

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Thanks for your input! –  Punit Rathore May 19 '11 at 7:53
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