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i have select

    <select id="parentId" name="parentId"><option value="1">ФАСАДНАЯ ШТУКАТУРКА&lt;BR /&gt;&lt;B&gt;&amp;#0171;STUC-O-FLEX&amp;#0187;&lt;/B&gt;</option>
<option value="2">ФОНТАНЫ И САДОВАЯ МЕБЕЛЬ&lt;BR /&gt;&lt;B&gt;&amp;#0171;ALEXANDER ROSE&amp;#0187;&lt;/B&gt;</option>

how can i make to show html items not their codes?

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I assume you want to style the contents of your <option>s with various HTML formatting. I am afraid this is not possible.

You will have to use a JavaScript-driven alternative.

See for example 11 jQuery Plugins to Enhance HTML Dropdowns

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The text within an HTML select option renders as pure text, not HTML, so this is not directly possible.

You will have to use a javascript solution.

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