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I'm trying to run the Booking Dojo project available at https://github.com/mercmobily/bookingdojo. After running git clone, I ran: $ npm install

NPM install does not install correctly simpleschema-tingo and simpledblayer-tingo, had to install them manually: $ npm install simpledblayer-tingo $ npm install simpleschema-tingo

After installing those modules, I tried to run again with the following commands:

$ node server
$ NODE_ENV='production' MONGO_URL="mongodb://$MONGO_USER:$MONGO_PASS@oceanic.mongohq.com:10082/$DBNAME" node server

These are the first lines from the trace dump (same error appears for both MongoDB and TingoDB):

              throw err
TypeError: Cannot read property 'prototype' of undefined
    at /home/bogdanbiv/WebstormProjects/bookingdojo/node_modules/simpledeclare/declare.js:137:57
    at Array.forEach (native)
    at declare (/home/bogdanbiv/WebstormProjects/bookingdojo/node_modules/simpledeclare/declare.js:135:15)
    at /home/bogdanbiv/WebstormProjects/bookingdojo/node_modules/bd/lib/bd.js:378:39
    at /home/bogdanbiv/WebstormProjects/bookingdojo/node_modules/hotplate/node_modules/hotCoreJsonRestStores/lib/hotCoreJsonRestStores.js:203:7

Full log is pasted into http://pastebin.com/DLV6fy71. What is going on here?

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Have you tried: export NODE_ENV='production'; export MONGO_URL="mongodb://$MONGO_USER:$MONGO_PASS@oceanic.mongohq.com:10082/$DBNAME"; node server –  HMR May 19 at 0:18
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