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I am supposed to open a file using command line arguments and retrieve the data from it. I've gone through the code plenty of times and my problem is in the very beginning of everything!

 ifstream infile;
   std::cout << "Error opening file";
   return 1;

The prompt I'm using to run my program is:

 ./movie_stats < ./input/test1.in  ./my-output/test1.out
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Try getting rid of the <. –  n.m. May 18 at 18:05
You misunderstand "command line arguments". Try something simpler: a program that prints its arguments. –  Beta May 18 at 18:05
By the way - try to initialize ifstream with the file name, don't call open afterwards. And test whether argc is greater than 1. –  Loopunroller May 18 at 19:32
I'll be sure and add those things in. Thank you –  user3547291 May 18 at 23:34

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< pipes the content of ./input/test1.in to stdin

you want to call your application with the arguments like this:

 ./movie_stats ./input/test1.in  ./my-output/test1.out
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Alright. I was just following what our teacher told us. I tried it out and it works now! Thank you –  user3547291 May 18 at 18:13

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