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I have an e-mail for sure verified in the AWS console and I didn't ask for production access yet. I'm trying to send emails using my node applications in the localhost and I keep getting the error that the e-mail address is not verified.

I'm using the code provided by AWS documentation.

var params = {
  RawMessage: { // required
  Data: 'BASE64_ENCODED_STRING', // required
 Destinations: [
   // ... more items ...
 Source: 'STRING_VALUE',
ses.sendRawEmail(params, function(err, data) {
  if (err) console.log(err, err.stack); // an error occurred
  else     console.log(data);           // successful response

What could it be?

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The issue was that the localhost was considered a different region by AWS and I had to verify the e-mail again in the other region.

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