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I need to write a program that searches through a previously sorted linked list and I'm not sure which search would be more efficient.

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If you want to take advantage of a sorted list, a better option is to have an ArrayList. – Peter Lawrey May 18 '14 at 19:36

All traversals of linked lists are in order, so a linear search is the best you can do, with an average case linear in the number of elements. If there are going to be lots of searches and you still need a linked list (instead of a random-access structure such as an array), consider a skip list, which lets you skip forward until you get near the desired element.

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Linear search would be more efficient, and here's why.

In order to get to the kth location in a doubly linked list of size n, you have to iterate over at most n/2 elements.

If you were to apply binary search on top of that, then you'd wind up having to go down k elements every time, plus the work to perform a binary search.

O(n + log(n)) = O(n), which is equivalent to the performance of a linear search.

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