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I would like to extract the three trailing tags from the following org mode line using Python regular expressions:

  • TODO [#A] Do something important :Tag1:Tag2:Tag3:

The following code only recognizes the last tag but puts the other two into the first group

import re

m = re.search('(.*)\s*:(.*):$','* TODO [#A] Do something important             :Tag1:Tag2:Tag3:')


  • first group: * TODO [#A] Do something important :Tag1:Tag2
  • second group: Tag3

What do I need to change to have Tags1 and Tag2 to belong to the second group as well?

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The * is greedy. Therefore, .* will match as much as it can and still allow the remainder of the regular expression to match. To make the quantifier non-greedy you need to add ? inside the first capture group.

import re

s = '* TODO [#A] Do something important :Tag1:Tag2:Tag3:'
m = re.search(r'(.*?)\s*:(.*):$', s)

print "\n".join(m.groups())

You could also split here.

import re

s = '* TODO [#A] Do something important :Tag1:Tag2:Tag3:'
m = re.split('\s+:|:$', s)

print "\n".join([m[0], m[1]])


* TODO [#A] Do something important
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If there aren't any colons in the body of the line, you can just use split(':'), like so:

>>> s = 'TODO [#A] Do something important :Tag1:Tag2:Tag3:'
>>> s.split(':')
['TODO [#A] Do something important ', 'Tag1', 'Tag2', 'Tag3', '']
>>> s.split(':')[1:-1] # get just the tags
['Tag1', 'Tag2', 'Tag3']
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