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I want try to use flask-login, but have some issues with import. Maybe I put it in a wrong place?

So, I installed it with pip install flask-login, it was put in python2.7/dist-packages. And there I got the following:

    - flask (python package)
    - flask-login.py
    - flask-login.pyc
    - Flask_Login-0.2.10.egg-info (folder)
    - flask-wtf (python package)
    - Flask_WTF-0.9.5.egg-info (folder)
    - Flask-0.10.1.egg-info
    - jinja2 (python package)
    - Jinja2-2.7.2.egg-info (folder) 
    and so on

So, as I can see from the content of dist-packages, all modules have python package and *egg-info folder. But flask-login does not have python package, only two .py files. And therefore I got Unresolved import from flask.ext.login import LoginManager.

In flask package I have ext package with init.py only in it.

If anyone knows what might went wrong I`ll really appreciate any help.

Btw, all modules (flask, jinja, wtforms) I`ve installed with pip.


Sorry for silly question. It appears I just should import like this: from flask_login import LoginManager. As it is just a module on libraries path.

But I have met a lot of imports like this from flask.ext.login import LoginManager. Is there a way to put login inside ext and is it important?

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flask.ext has some magic lookup.

When a user does ``from flask.ext.login import foo`` it will attempt to
import ``from flask_login import foo`` first and when that fails it will
try to import ``from flaskext.login import foo``

So, do you have a flask_login, or a flaskext.login?

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I just have flask_login.py –  Julia Jun 16 at 6:49
This is correct. from flask.ext.login import... Magically does the import from flask_login.py. You can use either syntax. –  GAEfan Jun 16 at 6:52
Exactly, I tried that way, but it didn`t work. So I just use from flask_login import –  Julia Jun 16 at 7:12
Perhaps you need to update flask? –  GAEfan Jun 16 at 14:20

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