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How to learn advanced debugging techniques?

I am a C/Unix programmer, and as such rely on a good C debugger. I know Sun^WOracle mdb on Solaris, GNU gdb on Linux. I feel comfortable setting breakpoints, examining memory structures and such.

Yet, I know that those tools are way more powerful than that. Macros, custom walkers and I don't know what else. The learning curve on the other hand is very steep, as those tools sometimes seem to be arcane magic.

Any good texts? Practice problems? Other tips?

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The GDB Pocket Reference is worth it's weight in diamonds, rubies, or something way lighter than gold. I use it all the time.

The online docs are also useful, but I actually like having a book on my desk.

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Depends on the platform http://advancedwindowsdebugging.com/ is great but I assume from the gdb you aren't on windows

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