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I am trying to compile oserl-3.2.3 but I am getting this error

:~/oserl/oserl$ make
erlc -Wall -I include -I .. -o ebin src/gen_esme_session.erl
src/gen_esme_session.erl:751: function concat_binary/1 undefined
src/gen_esme_session.erl:765: function concat_binary/1 undefined
make: *** [gen_esme_session.beam] Error 1

I have Erlang/OTP 17 [erts-6.0] installed on Ubuntu 12.04LTS. To me concat_binary/1 is an in built erlang function but why does make complain that it is an defined.

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I first installed common_lib-3.3.0 before i attempted to install oserl –  Vianney Sserwanga May 18 at 21:03
Use the recommended Erlang Version to build and run this library –  Muzaaya Joshua May 19 at 5:31

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Function erlang:concat_binary/1 has been removed since Erlang R15 (late 2011). You can either fix oserl yourself (concat_binary/1 could be replaced with list_to_binary/1) or try a newer fork such as iamaleksey/oserl on Github.

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