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To start things off, I'm using a Node server to hit the REST API, is it possible to access the Java CostEvaluator Interface using Cypher or the REST API? I'm unwilling to write this in Java (honesty, lol).

I've reviewed the docs pretty extensively, and I can't even find a place where cypher's allShortestPaths is documented. It'd be wonderful to know what arguments that could take, so if you know where i can read about those, please let me know in comments.

Moving on:

The graph is formed of patterns such as this: sub_path = (start:STEPNODE)<-[cost:COST_REL {cost}]-(axis_node:AXISNODE)-[:TRANSIT_TO]->(end:STEPNODE). There are only 14 (:STEPNODE), which helps constrain things a bit... but there may be many thousands of (:AXISNODE)s. Each (:AXISNODE) has a unique relationship with any (:STEPNODE) pair.

sub_path is a repeating pattern, in pseudo:(node1:STEPNODE)-{sub_path_1_to_2 {cost}}-(node2:STEPNODE)-{sub_path_2_to_3 {cost}}-(node3:STEPNODE)-{sub_path_3_to_4 {cost}}-(node4:STEPNODE), but (node1:STEPNODE)-{sub_path_1_to_4 {cost}}-(node4:STEPNODE) may also exist.

Each sub path has an important {cost} which is measured on the [COST_REL] relationship. I'd like to find the least expensive path from (begin:STEPNODE)-[sub_path*1..5]->(end:STEPNODE) where the total cost is the sum of all {cost}. I see this as being a matter of finding the sum of sub_path.cost, but I haven't yet found a strategy that supports passing a sub_path or cost argument to allShortestPaths() or any similar function with Cypher. On the Algo Endpoint of the API, there's an argument for dijkstra with a cost_property but this endpoint doesn't seem to support passing a sub_path argument.

I'm find with a sub-optimal solution. But I would really like to avoid making more than a few API calls to find a cheap route through the

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Perhaps you can add a picture that depicts your sub-paths. I think for this you'll have to go with a server extension. If you can write Java it would be a no-brainer. At some point it will be possible with Cypher and UDFs but not in the near future. –  Michael Hunger May 18 '14 at 22:40
In that Java extension you can use Dijkstra or A* with cost evaluators to compute your sub-paths and apply these algorithms recursively. –  Michael Hunger May 18 '14 at 22:42
That's what I was afraid of. Thanks, @MichaelHunger for the super fast response. –  lazaruslarue May 18 '14 at 23:56

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