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I've installed many third party libraries on my windows machine, however I want to know How do you know what name to import them as in your scripts?

The scripts are from windows python binaries

For example I have installed and often use beautifulsoup.

When I import it as "import BeautifulSoup" it is not recognised, but when someone told me to type "from bs4 import beautifulsoup" it worked.

Therefore there are some other modules I have installed, e.g. pyQt4 which is installed to C/python27/scripts/ (when I run the installer it says it's already installed there).

How do I know what name I should be importing PyQt4?

And why didn't just "import BeautifulSoup" work?

I.e. do I have to type "from Py4 import ....." Or maybe it's called py4?

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Google the package and you'll find the docs. –  JBernardo May 18 at 21:45
Documentation, documentation, documentation. –  Martijn Pieters May 18 at 21:47

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Answer 1: Look at the module's docs for info. You also may want to checkC:\Python27\Lib\site-packages for folder names. Answer 2: Bs4 is the 'main module'. beautifulsoup is a sub-class or sub-module. Kind of like doing from time import sleep. That would mean you could only use time.sleep(), not anything else in the time module.

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