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Hi am creating a small form where you can place postcodes to get directions, it then sends this data with the URL of Google maps with the postcode in it to show the directions.

I was wondering is it possible to somehow get thenew URL i have into a new browser tab / window.

The idea is that the user input the postcodes and then presses 'Submit' which then takes them to a new browser tab / window with the new URL in it.


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The simplest thing to do is to put "target=_blank" in your <a> tag or your <form> tag.

<form action='/your/url' target='_blank'>

or for simple clickable links:

<a href='/some/new/page' target='_blank'>click me</a>

Now, you can't really control whether that's a new page or a new tab. You can try to force it to be a new page by doing it with Javascript and calling "window.open()".

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