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I have this database and i was wondering to create a great select but is too hard for me I guess I tried so many ways and I get really close, but i cant go longer.


Table -> Candidato | IdCandidato(int) | idNome(varchar)

Table -> Voto  | idVoto(int) | Candidato_idCandidato(int) | DiaVotacao(date)

i am creating a web voting system and need i greate select to complet my graphics to show the total voting for each day for each candidate.

Candidato = candidate | voto = vote | diaVotacao = voting day (english translation)

I need i response like this:


|2014-05-14-------|---13(total votes)---------|------------4------------|-----------10|

|2014-05-15-------|---18(total votes)---------|------------0------------|------------8|

and so far i got this:

|VotingDay---------|-----TOTAL Votes----------|-----Name------|

|2014-05-14-------|---13(total votes)---------|-Candidate1

|2014-05-14-------|---18(total votes)---------|-Candidate2

|2014-05-15-------|---10(total votes)---------|-Candidate1

|2014-05-15-------|----8(total votes)---------|-Candidate2

I used the following code:

SELECT voto.DiaVotacao, IFNULL(COUNT(voto.Candidato_idCandidato),0) as Votos, candidato.Nome FROM candidato LEFT OUTER JOIN voto ON voto.Candidato_idCandidato=candidato.idCandidato GROUP BY voto.DiaVotacao, voto.Candidato_idCandidato

Note that i want the count of the votes for each candidate for everey day and if there is no votes apear the number 0 to indicate no votes did u guys understand?

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You need to generate the full list of candidates and days and then do the left outer join. You can get the list of days from the votos table.

Note that when you use count(<column>), it will return 0 if all the values are NULL. There is no need for ifull() or coalesce():

SELECT d.DiaVotacao, COUNT(v.Candidato_idCandidato) as Votos, c.Nome
FROM candidato c cross join
     (SELECT DISTINCT v.DiaVotacao FROM voto v
     voto v
     ON v.Candidato_idCandidato = c.idCandidato and
        v.DiaVotacao = d.DiaVotacao
GROUP BY d.DiaVotacao, v.Candidato_idCandidato;
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i'm so familiarized with all this parameters you show great wisdow, but when you refer v.diavotacao i got a error: Error Code : 1054 Unknown column 'v.DiaVotacao' in 'field list' i tried to replace with voto.diavotacao but i have got the same results reptly the dates is not getting distinct, perhaps the v table resulting from the distinct should be declare before their mention? i'm doing something wrong? –  Thaffareu May 19 '14 at 2:07

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