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I'm trying to use java.time.LocalDateTime but apparently Hibernate 4.3.5 (I am using JPA) doesn't support LocalDateTime as a TemporalType (Feature Request).

Is there any workaround to persist java.time.LocalDateTime as a TemporalType in Hibernate?

And what could be my best alternative(java.util.Date or jodatime) such that I can easily migrate to LocalDateTime after it is supported?

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If object creation isn't a problem for you (i.e. GC), joda datetime package is almostly a 1-1 match with java.time package, except that joda package doesn't provide a way to translate the joda date/datetime into milliseconds since epoch while java.time supports it by Instant class.

Sorry not expert in Hibernate so cannot answer your converting question - but suppose you could transfer into some helper class to facilitate persisting?

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You may find the user type project useful for persisting JSR-310 classes in Hibernate. If it doesn't work out of the box, the source code should give you a clue on implementing the relevant Hibernate plugin points.

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