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I want to know how remove 'This email was sent using the CakePHP Framework' from cakephp. I have removed this text from /app/View/Layouts/Emails/html/default.ctp and /app/View/Layouts/Emails/text/default.ctp. But there is no change. Also I have removed it from /app/View/Emails/html/default.ctp and /app/View/Emails/text/default.ctp. Again no change. How can I make it?

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just search the string "This email was sent using the CakePHP Framework" over the progect and you will get all the places –  volkinc May 19 at 2:08

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I ran an Agent Ransack search over a Cake 2.4.9 installation and found these files containing your line to change/remove:

  • app\View\Layouts\Emails\html\default.ctp (line 27)
  • app\View\Layouts\Emails\text\default.ctp (line 21)
  • lib\Cake\Console\Templates\skel\View\Layouts\Emails\html\default.ctp (line 18)
  • lib\Cake\Console\Templates\skel\View\Layouts\Emails\text\default.ctp (line 21)
  • lib\Cake\Test\Case\Controller\Component\EmailComponentTest.php (lines 246, 259, 309, 468, 482)
  • lib\Cake\Test\Case\Network\Email\CakeEmailTest.php (lines 1277, 1299, 1487, 1491, 1495, 1503, 1514, 1638, 1641)
  • lib\Cake\Test\test_app\Plugin\TestPlugin\View\Layouts\Emails\text\plug_default.ctp (line 4)
  • lib\Cake\Test\test_app\Plugin\TestPluginTwo\View\Layouts\Emails\text\default.ctp (line 4)
  • lib\Cake\Test\test_app\View\Layouts\Emails\html\thin.ctp (line 11)
  • lib\Cake\Test\test_app\View\Layouts\Emails\html\default.ctp (line 11)
  • lib\Cake\Test\test_app\View\Layouts\Emails\text\default.ctp (line 11)

Those are all the instances of your the notice in an out-of-the-box Cake 2.4.9 install. You should make your own email views and layouts for emails though.

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thank you......... –  nithinmk089 May 19 at 5:59
Are you suggesting changing the contents of the Cake folder? It's poor advice... -1. –  AD7six May 19 at 6:26

You're seeing that output because you're using the standard Email layout files. To remove the text, update the default email layouts provided by CakePHP under:


If the files don't exist that's why you've seeing that text - the fallback is a standard email template also containing that text.

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