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I am having a peculiar issue here with jQuery and Select2. I have two select dropdown menu's. One selects a user account, the second selects a photo album for the aforementioned user. When a user is selected, the second menu displays the albums for that user (via AJAX call to a PHP script). Below is the code that is fired when the user select menu changes:

        //Clear image previews on user change.
        $('#uploader div.preview').remove();
        var usrDir = $('select#userSelect').val();
        var uid = usrDir.split("-");
        uid = uid[0];
        var albumArea = $('li#selectAlbum');
        var getUidUrl = 'setUsr.php?usrDir=' + usrDir + '&' + 'uid=' + uid;
        var getAlbUrl = 'usrGalSel.php?uid=' + uid; 
        $.get(getAlbUrl, function(d){
                if(d.substring(1,7) === 'option'){
                        //If there are results (albums), then empty the "Select Albums menu and replace with the results.
                        //Keeping the "Select Album" as the menu default text.
                        $("#albumSelect").select2('data',{id:null, text: 'Select Album'});
                        //If there were no results, empty the current albums menu and add the "Select Album" default text in there.
                        $("#albumSelect").select2('data',{id:null, text: 'Select Album'});

The problem is; when I dynamically add a new album to this dropdown menu (using a different AJAX call to another PHP script), the "change" event does not fire if I click the new select option. Clicking on a select option that existed on page load works fine. I've also noticed that if I add 2 or more albums dynamically, then they are both clickable. The issue only happens when: 1. There are no albums to select from.
2. I add the first album.

I need this event to fire to display (.show()) a drag and drop upload div. Here is the important part of the code for adding a new album to the select2 menu: Note, #albumSelect is the name of the dropdown menu

    if(hasError === false){
        var addAlbums = $("li#addAlbum");
        var usrDir = $('select#userSelect').val(); 
        if(usrDir !== ''){
            var uid = usrDir.split("-");
            uid = uid[0];
            var createAlbum = 'createAlbum.php?uid=' + uid + '&albumName=' + nameVal + '&startDate=' + startDate + '&stopDate=' + stopDate + '&uDir=' + usrDir;
                //The PHP script returns <option value="albumValue">Album Name</option>
                //Append this to the #albumSelect menu.
            //Display a message when the album is successfully created
            addAlbums.append('<span class="strong success">Event Added!</strong>');
                //Now, clear the input data from the fields
            }, 3000);

I read on the Select2 documentation here that in some instances, the input field needs to be hidden to be able to load data, but this is a select element, not an input element so that has no effect (though I did try). Does anyone have any ideas for how I can achieve the desired functionality here?

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