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I manually export my agenda year-view periodically to ics and upload it to my site, where it is subscribed by google calendar. It works; but it takes enough time to draw a year view and export it to ics, I'd like to do this automatically via a bash script. How can I do this? Right now I do it manually in emacs as follows:

M-x agenda



and then run my upload script.

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Instead of writing a bash script you might want to consider automating the task in Emacs. You have two options for that: 1. Record a keyboard macro and bind it to a key. (After all, "Emacs" stands for "Editing macros".) 2. Define a custom command (i.e., an interactive function) and bind that to a key. // This reduces the overall workflow to 1. Press key binding for macro/command in Emacs. 2. Run upload script. – itsjeyd May 19 '14 at 7:22
Good suggestion; thanks. But there are two reasons I don't take that route: first, the agenda commands are process-consuming and I would like to run them in a separate emacs instance (which would add one more step to a manual solution); and I would like to have them run perhaps via Cron during pre-set idle times. – WorldsEndless May 19 '14 at 11:37
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Are you trying to create an icalendar file, or just write your year agenda out? To write icalendar file out for the year:

emacs --batch --user $(USER) --eval "(progn (org-agenda-list nil nil 'year) (org-icalendar-combine-agenda-files))"

will put it in ~/org.ics If you just want to capture the year agenda as text, what junaleon writes does it.

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Nice catch; I hadn't noticed the format of the output with JuanLeon's answer. This does it. – WorldsEndless May 20 '14 at 9:20

This shell command will generate the ICal file for a year based on your agenda data:

emacs --batch --user $USER --eval "(progn (org-agenda-list nil nil 'year) (write-file \"cal.ics\"))"
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