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I am trying to get started developing using the .NET Micro Framework but appear to have hit a road block. I am using Visual Studio 2008 and it will not let me install the SDK because I do not have Visual Studio 2005. I downloaded the SDK from this link.

I know this is not truly a programming question but it is definitely holding me back from getting started. Thank you for your help.

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You'll need the .NET Microframework 3.0 Beta to work in Visual Studio 2008 (as far as I know):

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The link says beta but it's really RC0 (and requires VS2008 SP1) – Mitch Wheat Oct 26 '08 at 4:30
Right Right, This makes sense. I was a little confused as I had heard several different version numbers being thrown around. Thank you for your help. – smaclell Oct 26 '08 at 7:51

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