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Hi I am using google analytics api gapi to find 'average session duration' and 'Average pages viewed per visit' of site

I had created a dashboard for that and the values are 00:02:30 and 4.58 respectively ...

I use the following code to find it

$ga->requestReportData(ga_profile_id,array('browserVersion'),array('sessions','sessionDuration','avgSessionDuration'), $sort_metric=NULL, $filter=NULL, $fromDate, $toDate,1,50);
echo $ga->getSessionDuration(); echo '<pre>';
echo $ga->getAvgSessionDuration(); 

But the values returned is 104409 154.45118343195 any idea how to get the correct value

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ga:sessionDuration is type time. The total duration of user sessions represented in total seconds.

ga:avgSessionDuration is also type time. The average duration of user sessions represented in total seconds.

The API returns raw unformatted data. You will need to format it yourself. To format this in your code you should divide by 60 to get the number of minutes.

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