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This is a question from past paper.


In the question above, I think there are three responsibilities, One for updating employee record, one for calculation of salaray and taxes, and one for getting hour reports. I would reorganise the above interface as:

public interface IChangeEmployee{
 void UpdateEmployee(Employee employee);
 void CreateEmployee(Employee employee);
public interface ICalculation{
 void CalculateSalary();
 double CalculateTax();
public interface IReports{
void SendHourReports();

Is my answer a valid one or please correct me? Thanks

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Since its from a past paper; what was your answer and what were the results? –  Tim Castelijns May 19 at 6:13
The OP posted the attempted answer. I guess there aren't answers to check against. –  Evan Trimboli May 19 at 6:14

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There is typically no single solution to problems like this, and principles are there to give you guidlines. The principles should be applied in the context of other surrounding conditions and reqs, in order to be applied optimally. It is hard to talk about the correct and incorrect design, and much easier about good and bad design.

Your proposed application of SRP looks fully ok, considering only the principle. You classified the methods into separated responsabilities according to some logic, you assigned each group to a single interface. Well done! There are of course some other classification you can also make, not less correctly - IContractor (Update and Create) and IAdministrator (all others) also looks ok.

If the produced design is good or maybe not so good depends on the potential surrounding conditions (or "forces", how they are often called in the theory of design patterns).

Let's say that in this case we have a company system, and that in context of employment management and recruiting there are 2 internal positions defined - Contractor and Administrator. In consequence, there are corresponding user roles in the system for each one of them. You can now decide to create a separate interface to each one (easy user roles management), providing only the services he has right to perform! In this case a separation in only 2 interfaces would be better, as simpler and covering the reqs perfectly.

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