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my ckeditor version : 4.3.5

it's very difficult customizing.

i want to cutumize [image info] just like (1) style.

  • URL input include Upload file select.
  • remove send to server button.

or.. (2) style :: just remove tab[image info] and [send server button]

but i can't search these info. T^T plz help me.

i want to import image for my question describe. but i need 10 repution; my question images link.

[image] :


CKEDITOR.on( 'dialogDefinition', function( ev ) {

   var dialogName =;
   var def =;

   if ( dialogName == 'image2' ) {                      
       def.removeContents('info'); // info tab remove

 CKEDITOR.replace( 'editor1' ,
        toolbar: 'Full',
         filebrowserImageUploadUrl: '/editor/' // import img to server (java)
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Use dialogDefinition event. See these answers (first, second) and the official how-to to know more.

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thx. i add source. –  user3531256 May 20 '14 at 4:41

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