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I have a string variable

var str = ad2672a2361d10eacf8a05bd1b10d4d8linkedin or ad2672a2361d10eacf8a05bd1b10d4d8linkedinpage

I want a regular expression for exact match of linkedin in this string. i have managed to write a function to match linkedin in the string, but its taking both cases ie linkedin and linkedinpage. Please help me to find the regular expression to match linkedin only. Thanks

this is my code

if (/.*linkedin/.test(str)) {
    // found linkedin only 
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Use: /\blinkedin\b/.test(str); –  anubhava May 19 at 7:33
The term you're looking for is word boundary anchors. –  Tim Pietzcker May 19 at 7:34
Do you need regex? You could just search the string for 'linkedin ' (with a space). –  Andy G May 19 at 7:35
@AndyG Yes am looking for regular expression –  Dibish May 19 at 7:36
All you need is to add $ at the end of your regexp. It means "end of the line", so it will only match if "linkedin" is at the end and there are no more characters (except carriage return) –  Pablo May 19 at 7:45

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if (/.*linkedin$/.test(str)) {
    // found linkedin only 
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Thank you so much for your help..its really helped me.. –  Dibish May 19 at 8:43

Try this

if (/.*linkedin$/.test(str)){
      //matches only linkedin, xxxxlinkedin,but not linkedinxxxx,xxxxlinkedinzzzz    
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// ...and obviously matches linkedinpage –  zessx May 19 at 7:41
@malkam i only want to match ad2672a2361d10eacf8a05bd1b10d4d8linkedin not this one ad2672a2361d10eacf8a05bd1b10d4d8linkedinpage –  Dibish May 19 at 7:42
Sorry I've over looked it .Then @Perry answer should work and I'm updating my answer. –  malkam May 19 at 7:45
@malkam thank you so much for your help –  Dibish May 19 at 8:44

Looks like you only want word boundary to be applied after linkedin. You can just use:

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