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I have a string like this @"Root/dbo-NewsLocation/Item 1/dbo-Relator-test/Item 1/Item 1"

When user taps on back button I need to remove @"/Item1" at the end of above string.

I am not able to remove @"Item1" If I do the stringByReplacingOccuranceOfString by using below code it remove all @"Item1" using the below code.

NSString *str1=self.lblCIPath.text;
        NSRange range = [str1 rangeOfString:@"/" options: NSBackwardsSearch];
        NSString *newString = [str1 substringFromIndex:(range.location)];
        self.lblCIPath.text=[self.lblCIPath.text stringByReplacingOccurrencesOfString:newString withString:@""];

I will be thankful if anyone can suggest me the way to delete the last componentPath from NSString.

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Have you tried the method stringByDeletingLastPathComponent ?

NSString *updatedPath = [myFullPath stringByDeletingLastPathComponent];
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thanks it works nicely :) –  Pandey_Laxman May 19 '14 at 8:36

As Mathieu Meylan suggested you can use stringByDeletingLastPathComponent, or you can simply adjust your code to use substringToIndex instead of substrinFromIndex as follows:

NSString *str1=self.lblCIPath.text;
NSRange range = [str1 rangeOfString:@"/" options: NSBackwardsSearch];
NSString *newString = [str1 substringToIndex:(range.location)];

Final result will be the same: Root/dbo-NewsLocation/Item 1/dbo-Relator-test/Item 1

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