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i need a quick answer but i am not sure what i am asking. Sorry. my company have atlassian bamboo running somewhere, code store somewhere in subversion and perforce, the compilation need to do in windows.

can the build process automate with bamboo in this situation? thank you very much all.

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I'm assuming what you mean is that you have Bamboo running on machine A, your code in a repo on machine B, and you want to checkout/compile the code on machine C?

If so, use a Bamboo remote agent. The remote agent would run on machine C, and when handed the task, would checkout source and compile it.

You then have the option of capturing the results as artifacts, which Bamboo on machine A could then do something with, or having a task/job do something, which would run on machine C.

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thank you very much steven, very clear. –  pinky May 21 at 1:44

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