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This is my Route Management System . the coordinates fetch from xml for this i am using java when project run the yellow rows are the start point of route where bus is start to moving when i select yellow row one pop is populate and hide all rows of start so that time i want when i click on yellow row the row copy to next table whose id is stopsTable and table wants to end point of route the function of select start point is

function SelectStartPoint(dataSet)
                var newTr = $(this).closest("tr").clone();

                var newButtonHTML = "<input type='button'  value='Edit'  /> <input type='button' value='Delete' onclick='deleteRow(this)'/>";
                $(newButtonHTML).children("button").click(function(e) {

                // items.push(newTr);

                if (Startcheck)
                    var $test = $(dataSet).find('td').map(function() {
                        return $(this).text();

                var data = $test.split('-');

                $("tr:lt(" + data[0] + ")").css("display", "none");
                //  alert();
                start_tr = data[1];
                Endcheck = true;

                //  alert(data[2] + " : " + data[3] + " : " + data[1]);
                //  removeStartPoint(start_tr - 1);

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And what problem are you experiencing currently? – Evan Knowles May 19 '14 at 8:15
the row is not cloning at second table – user3547883 May 19 '14 at 8:17

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